Nikki Gil Biography

March 11, 2008

I. Bio

Nikki Gil (born August 23, 1987) is a Filipina actress, host, and singer. She is famous for doing the Asian versions of “Breaking Free” and “Gotta Go My Own Way” from the Disney Channel Original Movies, High School Musical, and High School Musical 2.
A. Basic Info
Name : Monica Pauline Gil
Nickname : Nikki
Birthday : August 23, 1987
School : Ateneo De Manila

B. Favorites
Fave Artists : Jason Mraz, John Mayer and Tamia. I like Disney songs. My fave Disney song is ‘Part of Your World’. I don’t like rock. I also like Southborder.

Hobbies : I play the piano. I play volleyball. I’m into studying. I graduated valedictorian from high school, so its part of me na. I bake too! My specialty is oatmeal cookies.

C. Up-Close and Personal
Getting into modeling :
I used to do VTRs when I was younger. No one was getting me. I felt rejected so I stopped. My skin broke out too! When it cleaned up, I started again. Then I go the Coke and Sunsilk TVCs right away.

How was your Coke shoot : It was really fun! It didn’t feel like work at all. One day rehearsal, the one day for the shoot [in Ongpin]. We recorded the song a day before the rehearsal. The atmosphere wasn’t stressful at all.”

So it was you who was really singing the commercial : “Yes! I love singing! But my only exposure is in church, We’re a family of singers too.”

Any Collections : Buttons and Candy Wrappers like the colorful Wonka wrappers. The designs are very cute. I keep it in a jar.

Beauty Secret: Well for me,it doesn’t really matter how much make-up you put on or whatever you do, if you’re not beautiful inside, it will really show. I think it’s important to beautify your inner person before anything else. But drink lots of water and don’t forget to wash your face always before going to bed.

Describe your style : Girly, conservative but not too balot. I’m not really the jeans-and-sneakers type, but still laid back.

You shop at ? Bayo and Kamiseta. But i’d rather shop in tiangges, like Greenhills. Usually I buy something that’s cheap lang.

You like guys who are : In Love With God. Major turn-on. Funny, sweet and intelligent. Someone who can provide for me when we get married. I like guys who are like my dad. My dad is wonderful. I also like cute, tanned, Mexican-type of guys. Not chinito and mestizo.

Would rather avoid guys who are : Guys who are presko, and those who are super duwag. Those who won’t take a risk.

You hate it when : My alarm goes off in the morning. I travel from the South to Ateneo every day so I have to wake up really early. It’s the worst feeling.

You love it when : Classes are suspended. You get to stay home and eat and sleep.

In the future you are going to : I’ve always wanted to be a princess, but it’s impossible, I guess (laughs). I have many plans for myself , but you know how life operates, you never know in what direction it will take you. I also want to start my own business but on what I’m not so sure yet, but I definitely want to be my own boss.

Guiding Principle : Follow you goals but be sensitive to what you want. Enjoy life!

II. Career

When Nikki Gil appeared for the first time in the Coca-Cola commercial, many were immediately smitten by her sweet singing voice and very congenial personality. The commercial was instrumental to Gil’s ascent in show business, and the jingle became a national anthem of sorts.

Nikki’s sunshiny persona brightens the boob tube in ASAP ’06, Breakfast Surprise, and MYX. She also hosted the daily reality search show Pinoy Dream Academy. Her voice constantly fills the airwaves as songs from her self-titled album, like “Sakayan ng Jeep” and “Glowing Inside,” have become easy listening tunes favored by the young. Her star reaches bling-bling proportions as she, together with Singapore’s Alicia Pan and Malaysia’s Vince Chong, sings “Breaking Free,” one of the sound tracks of the Disney Channel’s original movie High School Musical.

Gil is a member of ABS-CBN’s elite circle of homegrown talents properly named Star Magic.



Year Title Role
2008 Pinoy Dream Academy: Season 2 Host/Herself
2008 Florinda Mara
2008 Love Spell:Credit Card Aileen
2007 Pangarap na Bituin Sapphire Gomez
2007 High School Musical Around the World Host/Herself
2007 Wowowee Host/Herself
2007 Your Song: Ang Pagibig Kong Ito —-
2007 Rounin Leal
2007 Komiks Presents: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko Joseline
2006 Pinoy Dream Academy Host/Herself
2006 Star Magic Presents: Love and The City Trina
2006 Komiks: Kapitan Aksiyon —-
2006 Your Song: If I Keep My Heart Out of Sight —-
2005 ASAP Fanatic Host/Herself
2005 Breakfast (TV show) Host/Herself
2005 Breakfast Supersize Host/Herself
2005 MYX VJ
2005 MRS: Most Requested Show Host/Herself
2005 ASAP Host/Herself


Year Title Role
2007 One More Chance Helen

Commercials and endorsements

  • Avon
  • Smart Communication
  • Hapee Toothpaste
  • Coca-Cola (Commercial at
  • Vaseline (Commercial at
  • Lucky Me
  • Vicky Belo Clinic
  • Penshoppe
  • Disney Channel Asia




6 Responses to “Nikki Gil Biography”

  1. Nikki Gil: No time for love | Pinoy Showbiz Entertainment Portal on May 16th, 2008 11:01 am

    [...] NIKKI Gil ought to be called a role model because she was able to combine studies and showbusiness. As we are all aware of, most of our young television stars are undergraduates   if not dropouts and we doubt if they even bother to read newspapers to find out what is happening to our economy. It is because of this that we admire Nikki who also finds time to read a book and we don’t mean romance stories. [...]

  2. ecai on November 9th, 2009 6:16 pm

    ..welL nikki is such a talented and smart girl..i really love her the way she speaks,the way she treat her co-stars .she’s not that “plastic”
    ..i really admire her for being smart ,simple pero may dating..Nikki stay pretty and humble..i love you idol..

  3. JEN on March 15th, 2011 7:54 pm

    a lot of pipol loves u bcoz ure so humble and im one of them…hehehe…looking 4ward to c u personally….ure not juz pretty physically but intrinsically…..kelan ksal nyu ni kuya billy

  4. Augusta on May 21st, 2012 7:55 pm

    Nikki indeed is a role model to the fast growing Techno Kid generation. I salute your advocacy for the poor and being the World Vision Ambassador for the Youth.
    I am hoping that you will accept our invitation to be our resourse speaker during our Volunterism Week ( an annual event where we recognize the contribution of an individual in shaping the lives of our underprivileged brothers and sisters) on the second week of July, 2012 at Far Eastern University-East Asia College, N. Reyes St. Sampaloc Manila

    God bless you in all your endeavor.

  5. jenemae penafiel on September 13th, 2012 12:27 am

    . my dearest idol in showbiz is nikki gil beacause she’s that type of person that some of the people admire her.. i like her personality, and the way she is.. i hope that she will not change and i hope someday we were meet even if in a small time ..

    keep it the good job idol .. i wish that we were meet someday.. i hope this is could be given for me ..


  6. QUEEN on September 14th, 2012 3:02 am

    hi NIKKI, I do really love u as an actress and a host … I admire u a lot … i hope that someday mkta kta in person . .. kc no. 1 fan mo ko ehhh …

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