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March 25, 2008

bea alonzoBea Alonzo had always dreamed of being in show business. Growing up without a father since the age of four, Bea has nonetheless managed to strike it out on her own.

She joined beauty contests at a very young age and she was moderately successful in this endeavor.

It was in a small town beauty contest that she was discovered by famed Filipino fashion designer Oscar Peralta who then brought her to the attention of talent manager Archie Ilagan.

The latter presented Bea to the head of the ABS-CBN Talent Center Johnny Manahan who inducted her into the Star Circle Batch 10.

There she would be given a wide-range of acting lessons which later helped her land a part in the teen-oriented drama / comedy K2BU.

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Bea Alonzo‘s Biography

A. Basic Info

Screen Name: Bea Alonzo
Showbiz debut: 2001

Real Name: Phylbert Angellie Ranollo
Nickname: Tisay (pronounciation: Tee-säy)
Birthday: October 17, 1987
Height: 5′7″
Heritage: British-Filipina, Philippine-born and raised
Religion: Roman Catholic

B. Profile

Bea Alonzo is one of the most admired young actresses in the Philippines.

In early 2003, she caused quite a stir among critics and teleserye buffs alike, receiving critical acclaim for her performance as awkward nerdy girl turned feisty law student Katrina Argos in ABS-CBN’s Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay. Her convincing portrayal of a 21-year old in spite of being only 15 at the time and her strong chemistry with on-screen partner, John Lloyd Cruz brought kilig surges to every household in the Philippines and abroad.

The overwhelming response of the “accidental teleserye couple” was unexpected. The two are now known as one of the country’s premiere loveteams, not only known for their sizzling chemistry but for their powerful acting prowess.

The media quickly took notice of her sheer talent. The Philippine Star’s columnist Ricky Lo was once quoted, “she acts with the intensity of a veteran even if she’s actually a relative greenhorn.” In Star Studio magazine’s October 2003 issue, Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay co-director Don Cuaresma exclaimed that Bea has “the masa appeal of Sharon Cuneta, the intensity of Maricel Soriano, and the acting range of Lorna Tolentino.”

People don’t really know what it is. Where she gets the spirit or the motivation for the gripping performances. Maybe it’s her obvious passion for acting, whatever it is she plays the role with such complexity, precision and depth. With her emotions mirroring in her eyes.

After Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, she remains to be popular among teleserye fans in the Philippines and abroad with her follow-up dramas: It Might Be You and Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin. She is currently filming her fourth drama with John Lloyd Cruz, Maging Sino Ka Man.

Since her movie launch, My First Romance in 2002, Bea has top-billed five more films and has constantly earned movie critics’ approvals:

“Once again, Bea Alonzo fills the screen with the stellar presence of a movie queen, a winsome, breezy demeanor, infectious verve – and the ability th charm her way into the viewer’s hearts.” — Rito P. Asilo’s Close to You review, Philippine Daily Inquirer 2/18/2006

“The film’s biggest asset is really Bea Alonzo. The camera just loves her and, properly nurtured, we have no doubt she’d be an even bigger star in the near future.” — Mario Bautista’s Dreamboy review, Malaya 2005

She continues to prove her versatility with different projects: making movies, dramas, TV guestings, hostings and endorsements.

Bea Alonzo is not just another household name, the girl is an actress. One who delivers her performances with obvious beauty and surprising maturity.

C. Trivia

She was discovered in a local [town] beauty contest and was later brought to audition at ABS-CBN. After several more auditions and go-sees, she was finally asked to undergo a workshop. Bea was launched as a member of Star Circle Batch 10 and was one of the lead stars in the short-lived teen series K2BU.

. Bea was named after her maternal grandfather Filberto.
Her middle name Angellie is the combination of her mom’s name (Mary Anne) and Gelli de Belen her mom’s favorite actress at the time.

. Bea was not supposed to play the older Katrina in Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay.
“I wasn’t supposed to play the older Katrina [adding that the original plan was to get an older actress to play to play the part when the time came]. But then before we went into the second story arc, they had me do a makeup test. It was decided that I looked mature enough to get away with the role,” — Women’s Journal, July 2003.

. Bea was first paired with Paolo Contis.
“That was the first time I personally met John Lloyd [in an audition for new Talent Center loveteams]. I was first paired with Paolo Contis. I thought he was suplado! Sobrang tahimik eh and mukhang seryoso. Pero later on, when we eventually adjusted in Kay Tagal, super kulit pala nya lalo na pag nasa mood!” — Star Studio’s My First Romance PosterMag, October 2003

She names Europe and Katmandu as next on her list of must-see places.

Paolo Coelho is her favorite author. Eleven Minutes and By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept are her favorites.

For Bea, fashion is not on her list of the most pressing matters of the earth. Her personal style mainly consists of: jeans, a comfortable top, flip-flops or sneakers, and a tote bag. In a Preview magazine interview, she said, “I like to shop, but I’m not necessarily into fashion.”

She’s a self-confessed spa addict. Her favorite treatment is The Spa’s Honey Body Polish.

Her beauty secrets? She puts ice on her face after removing makeup. When her skin’s dry, she mixes honey and milk, leave it on her face, then wash it off.

She considers Catherine Zeta Jones and Drew Barymore beautiful.

For John Lloyd and Director Laurenti Dyogi (Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay & Now That I Have You), Bea’s eyes and legs are her greatest assets. Bea insists that her patience is what makes her beautiful.

Her dream roles: To play a serial killer and the Virgin Mary.

Her worst vice: Binging on junk food

She LOVES going to the beach.

All-time favorite flick: Love Actually

II. Q & A with Bea

Q. How did you get your screen name “Bea Alonzo”? Were there any other screen names considered?
A. My manager came up with an idea of changing my real name (Phylbert Angellie Ranollo) to Bea Alonzo because it’s hard to pronounce raw, tsaka mahirap tandaan. As an artista, dapat daw madaling tandaan ang name mo.

My manager came up with an idea of changing my real name (Phylbert Angellie Ranollo) to Bea Alonzo because he thinks it’s hard to pronounce and difficult to remember. As an actor, your name has to be easy to remember.

Q. If you do a remake of an old Filipino movie, what would it be and why?
A. Anak, because I love Claudine’s character there. She has a dark side at yun ang nakikita ng mga tao. Pero deep inside, good naman talaga sya kaya lang hindi sya na-guide ng tama.

Anak, because I love Claudine’s character there. She has a dark side and that’s what people see. But her character was actually a good person inside who needed guidance.

Q. Pick ONE local actor and actress that you would like to work with.
A. Maricel Soriano. Of course, she’s my idol – hehe. And another thing, they say she’s professional and marami kang matutunan from her.

Maricel Soriano. Of course, she’s my idol – hehe. And another thing, they say she’s professional and you’ll learn many things from her.

Q. What’s the sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you?
A. When they surprised me on the set! It was my birthday, tapos nagpa-cater pa sila and they were all there. Pero lahat naman sila sweet eh. Pati yung pagpunta nila sa set, na-appreciate ko yun.

When they surprised me on the set! It was my birthday, they was catering and they were all there. But all of my fans are sweet. I also appreciate when visit me on the set.

Q. Would you ever want to play a kontrabida?
A. Yes! That’s one of my dream roles! Ayoko ng laging inaapi. Gusto ko naman minsan, ako yung mang-aapi. Bwahaha! >:)

Yes! That’s one of my dream roles! I don’t want to be always the underdog. Sometimes, I want to be the mean one. Bwahaha! >:)

Q. Best advice someone has ever told you?
A. From Tatay Mirdo (Ronnie Lazaro). He asked us one time kung hanggang kelan namin gustong mag-stay sa showbiz. Sabi namin, “Kung hanggang [kelan] kami gusto ng tao.” Sabi nya, “Mali. Dapat kung hanggang kelan nyo mahal yung trabaho nyo. Hanggang gusto nyo pa yung trabaho nyo at ginagawa ninyo.” I realized tama nga sya. Mahirap nga naman gawin yung isang bagay na hindi mo na gusto.

From Tatay Mirdo (Ronnie Lazaro). He asked us one time, how long do we want to stay in showbusiness. We said, “As long as the people want us.” He said, “That’s wrong. It should depend on how much do we love our work. How much we enjoy our work and what we do.” I realized that he’s right. It’s hard to work on something that you no longer want.

Q. What makes Bea mad?
A. Hmmm … pag bastos! I really hate rude people! Kasi I think everybody deserves to be respected.

Hmmm … rudeness! I really hate rude people because I think everybody deserves to be respected.

Q. Name one thing you would like to accomplish before you turn 18.
A. House and lot! I would like to have my own house before I turn 18. That’s because of course for my family.

Q. If you could travel anywhere in the world. Where would it be and why?
A. New York because they say it’s the city that never sleeps and Europe kasi ang daming famous spots dun.

Q. When was the last time you cried — off screen?
A. Last night?!! Hehe …

Q: Most common public misconception about you?
A. Nagbago na raw. I feel so sad about what a lot of people think about me – na nagbago na daw and everything kahit hindi naman. Sabi ko nga sa Mom ko and sa mga close friends ko, batukan ako kapag lumalaki na nga yung ulo ko!

That I’ve changed. I feel so sad about what a lot of people think about me – that I’ve changed. And it’s not true. I told my Mom and my close friends to hit me on the head if they think my ego’s getting bigger.

Q. If you could make a recording album, who would you want to have a duet with?
A. Paolo Santos! I really like the way he sings.

Other media

In 2005, Bea celebrated her 18th birthday. and she commemorated the occasion with Bea’s Wildest Dreams at 18: Birthday TV Special.[3] The show featured Bea and her best friend Shaina Magdayao going on an adventure in Singapore. And amid birthday greetings from fellow ABS-CBN talents, the TV special showcased Bea’s singing and dancing prowess as well.


One More Chance (2007) … Basha Eugenio

All About Love (2006) … Lia

Pacquiao The Movie (2006) … Jinkee Pacquiao

Close To You (2006) … Marian

Dreamboy (2005) … Cyd

Now That I Have You (2004) … Betsy Rallos

My First Romance (2003) … Bianca

TV shows and guest appearances

1 VS. 100 … Herself, The 1

ASAP ’07 (Co-host)

Maging Sino Ka Man: Ang Pagbabalik (December 2007) … Jackie Madrigal-Roxas

Maalaala Mo Kaya (“Barko” 2007) … Camille

Wowowee (2007) … Bea Alonzo (Guest Co-host)

Maging Sino Ka Man (October 2006-May 2007) … Jackie Madrigal

Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin (2005) … Jasmin Cruz Fontanilla

It Might Be You (2003-2004) … Cielo San Carlos

Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay (2002-2003) … Katrina Argos

K2BU (2002) … Dianne

John N Shirley (2006) … Bea

Komiks (“Pedro Penduko” 2006) … Carmela

Your Song (“Ok Lang” 2006) … Sandy

Star Magic Presents (“Miss … Mistress” 2006) … Monica

Maalaala Mo Kaya (“Palaisdaan” 2006) … Mayor Lina Bagasina

Komiks (“Bampy” 2006) … School Administrator

Maalaala Mo Kaya (“Roses” 2006) … Heny

Your Song (“You Win the Game” 2006) … Marnie

Komiks (“Sa Mga Kamay Ni Hilda” 2006) … Hilda

Bora (2006) … Tuesday

Bora (2005) … Tuesday

Bida si Mister, Bida si Misis (2004)

OK Fine Whatever (2004) … Dr. Donna

Bida si Mister, Bida si Misis (2003) … Katrina Legarda

Whattamen (“Disco Kids” 2003) … Caramel

Maalaala Mo Kaya (“Lapis” 2003) … Carol

Arriba! Arriba! (2003) … Belinda

Wansapanataym (“Magic Salamin” 2003) … Winnie

Star Studio (“Suyuan sa Lalawigan” 2003) … Lucia

Star Studio (“Magnanakaw” 2002) … Rich Girl


2007 Box Office Queen, for the movie One More Chance

2008 Candy Magazine’s Candy Rap Awards, 1st runner up for Best local female star

2007 USTV Students Choice Awards, Best Actress for Maging Sino Ka Man

2006 Yes Magazine Awards, Most Popular Loveteam with John Lloyd Cruz

2006 Yes Magazine Awards, Young Female Superstar

2006 ANAK TV Seal Award, One of the Top 10 Most Well Liked Female Personality

2005 Miss FAMAS Screen Idol, FAMAS

2004 Princess of RP Movies for “Now That I Have You”, Guillermo Mendoza

2004 Best New Movie Actress for “My First Romance”, Star Awards for Movies

2003 Most Popular Love Team of RP Movies with John Lloyd, Guillermo Mendoza

Endorsements and sponsors


Clear (w/ John Lloyd Cruz)

Belo Medical Group



Close Up


Porsche Jeans

Cream Silk

Avon Fragrances

SM San Lazaro


Johnson & Johnson’s Mini-Face Powder




Advanced Gel Pen and Notebooks

Talk & text

Time Depot

Optical Shop

Pin Antonio hairdressing


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