Dolphy, Zsa Zsa still hoping to tie the knot

August 16, 2008

Dolphy reveals that he is willing to marry Zsa Zsa Padilla, mother of his youngest daughters, Nicole and Zia. They have been living together for the past 20 years.

It’s Zsa Zsa, according to Dolphy, who has a problem. Zsa Zsa’s marriage to her former husband, dentist Modesto Tatlonghari, has yet to be annulled. This was the reason, if you recall, why some years back their supposed wedding in Las Vegas didn’t push through.

Dolphy has 16 other children with different mothers, while Zsa Zsa has Karyle, with her former husband.

Dolphy and Zsa Zsa are keeping their fingers crossed that they will still get married.

In his book, “Hindi Ko Ito Narating na Mag-isa,” Dolphy revealed that he has two women who have the same surname Smith. They have the same nickname, too. That’s why, he said, he had to give them “code names.”

He decided to call Baby Smith No. 1. Baby’s real name is Alice Smith. When she became Dolphy’s leading lady in a movie, she used the screen name Pamela Ponti.

Baby is the mother of Eric, Epy, Ronnie and Madonna, all surnamed Quizon.

“Wala akong anak na ‘di Quizon ang apelyido,” stated Dolphy, “Wala rin akong hindi kinikilala sa kanila. I also love them all.”

The other Baby Smith’s real name is Gloria Smith. He calls her Gloria. Yes, to the very end of their relationship.

Gloria is the mother of Kit, Dino and Edwin.

Both Alice and Gloria are now based abroad. Alice is with Donna, while Gloria is with her three kids.

Now here’s the rub. Like Dolphy, Vic Sotto (with whom Dolphy is appearing with in the movie, “Dobol Trobol, Redi to Rambol)” also has two girls (in his life) with the same name.

Before Pia Guanio, the current Pia in his life was also a Pia. He was linked romantically to director Danny Cabrera’s daughter, Pia Cabrera.

Pia C., who used to be a ramp and commercial model, is now reportedly working in Dubai.




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