Pops Fernandez and Jomari Yllana hindi pa hiwalay

October 1, 2008

Someone wrote that it’s confirmed that Pops Fernandez and Jomari Yllana have definitely broken up. So imagine the surprise of people at the wake of Gabby Concepcion’s dad when they saw Pops and Jom going there together looking as sweet as ever. The last time we saw them together was also at the wake of the late Rudy Fernandez. Pops just laughs off the rumor about their split up. “Natsismis na rin noong nagkalabuan na raw kami at naghiwalay but it’s not true,” she says. “I don’t know why after we admitted na kami na nga, ngayon naman, pilit nila kaming pinaghihiwalay.

Nananahimik nga ako, tapos naintriga pa rin ako na adviser daw ni Gabby. Ano ba ‘yun? “Nadia Montenegro said it’s just a kind gesture from the part of Pops to agree to be a guest in Gabby’s recent concert at Music Museum.

So they all felt bad when Pops was even dragged into the controversy that Gabby is facing now with his manager, Rose Flaminiano.”And what can Jomari say about all the intrigues about his inamorata? “Buti na lang taga-showbiz din ako kaya I understand it’s all part of the game.

Kami naman, ilang beses nang tsinitsimis na hiwalay na, but all I can say is that going strong pa rin ang aming relationship.”




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