A Day in the Life of a Pinoy Offshore Staff

October 6, 2008

Twenty-eight-year-old Antonio had worked as a call center agent in Makati before he decided to be an outsourced copywriter. For a year, he worked different shifts: from 9pm to 6pm, from 12am to 9am and from 3am to 11am. It was totally different from the 8am-5pm pattern he used to have when he was a banker. His sleeping patterns have changed but he still was not able fully adjust to it – until he developed a sleeping problem. This kind of work also caused other problems on his health, moods, and his relationship with his family. These situations paved the way to his decision to leave the company, and explore the outsourced staff option.

Call centers, which continue to multiply in the Philippines, are the best examples of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the country. However, they are not the only offshore staff hiring companies that can provide Filipino professionals with a decent job, a clear career path, a competitive salary, and several benefits. Offshore staffing is another and better option. It also offers the same promises of call centers, but one major advantage that an offshore staff can enjoy is working from home.

Getting Started…

RemoteStaff.com.ph, an Australia-based BPO labor services provider, has contracted Antonio to become part of their staff outsourcing pool. This is an active database of Filipino professionals whose skills and expertise will be matched with job requirements from Australian clients. In a few short weeks, Antonio transformed his room into a small office, set up his DSL connection, and began his foray into the world of virtual staffing.

He begins his work at 6am. His outsourcing company is based in Australia which has a two-hour difference to the Philippine time. Thus, he starts at 6am which is 8am in Australia. Tardiness, just like in large companies, can cause a major stir in his work. Why worry about being late when he can work from home? This can still be a problem specially when the condition outside is bedroom weather. There is a possibility that he rather in bed than in front of his desktop.

This is how it’s done…

But with determination and discipline, he can work on time or on the dot. This makes him feel that he is a professional.

Antonio reports to work via Skype and RemoteStaff.com.ph’s online time logging system. His client can reach him any time via the soft phone – an Australian phone number installed in his computer. To easily achieve his projects for his outsourcing company, he works at his private room free from any form of distraction. Although he listens to the radio or to his iPod, he avoids any visual distraction such as the TV and the newspapers. He also does not allow his friends to visit him any time. He makes sure that he meets them after office hours.

Ease and Freedom in a Comfortable Environment

By 11am (1pm in Australia), Antonio takes a lunch break for 60 minutes. Within this period, aside from a tummy-filling lunch, he does other stuff like reading the newspapers or blogs, sending message to his friends on Facebook and Friendster, watching cable TV – activities that eat a lot of time when done during office hours. He adds that he sends text messages, quickly browses the internet for downloadable songs for his iPod, pays a short visit to the kitchen for a quick-fix so as to rest his eyes and muscles from the computer.

This way, he can refocus when he has done some work for a long time. Work ends at 4pm (6pm in Australia). This time he can allow visits from friends or watch a movie at home or in the theaters, shoot hoops with some of his buddies or work out at the nearby gym. These activities refresh his body, his mind and his energy in preparation for another full day of work in the morning.

Reaping the Rewards

For the growing number of offshore staff professionals like Antonio, working under the RemoteStaff.com.ph service has allowed him to live a less stressful life. Gone are the days when he has to run off to work to avoid being penalized for tardiness; get stranded waiting for a ride in the midst of thigh-high floodwaters; or knock red-faced at his mother’s door to borrow fare money while waiting for his meager paycheck to arrive. Nowadays, his above-industry rate salary reflects in his ATM every 1st of the month like clockwork – oftentimes with a hefty bonus from his satisfied clients.

The best thing about being a contracted offshore staff is that Antonio is assured of work and income every month. Unlike freelancers who are dependent on a seasonal influx of projects, a dedicated remote staff has either a six month or one year contract – this gives him job security despite his work-at-home status.

Through RemoteStaff.com.ph, Antonio has proved that a work from home career can become highly advantageous as long as one has determination, diligence, and discipline. If you’re interested to become a home-based outsourced staff, just visit Remote Staff Philippines today and sign up for free!

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