Vilma bares new project, confirms romance between Luis and Angel Locsin

November 28, 2008

STAR Cinema invited us to the contract signing of Vilma Santos for two movies she’ll do with them. One is the comedy-drama with her son, Luis Manzano and John Lloyd Cruz, tentatively titled “A Mother’s Story.” The other is her first teamup with Sharon Cuneta for which they’re waiting for the right script. Ate Vi came with her mom Milagros and sister Emylyn. She remains youthful- looking at 55 and the unmistakable aura of a big star remains with her. The moment she came in, she went straight to where her writer -friends were seated and greeted everyone by name. We’re told she’s also like that with her ardent fans. She remembers them all by name, which is a rare quality among movie stars.

“I’m excited to act again,” she says. “My last movie, ‘Mano Po 3′, was four years ago pa. Naninibago nga ako sa ganitong presscon kasi mas sanay na kong laging nasa Batangas and being asked about my plans for our province.”

How does it feel acting with her own son? “I’m thrilled, also with John Lloyd dahil best actor ‘yan, di ba?”

Since Luis and John play gay lovers, how does she feel about her son kissing another man? “Worried nga si Luis but I told him, don’t worry, anak, sagot kita. But our director, Olive Lamasan, says hindi pa naman daw sure kung may ganun ngang eksena. It’ll all depend sa magiging takbo ng story. I play a librarian na masungit with three kids na hindi ako close. Si Luis ang paborito ko, but he lives nga in New York, so 60% of the movie will be shot there. We’ll go there for one week in February to shoot the winter scenes na may snow. Then we’ll go back in April to finish the rest of the film. I’ve worked with Inang Olive in ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya,’ but this is our first film together so excited talaga ako.”

Will she have a husband in the film? “Yes, pero one scene lang siya, para lang ma-establish kung bakit kami hiwalay. Aawitan ko nga si Eduardo, e (Edu Manzano.) I’ll tell him kung pumayag siyang mag-one day shoot sa movie ni Ai Ai de las Alas, dapat pumayag din siya sa movie namin ng anak niya.”

What if she’d have a gay son in real life? “Ok lang, hindi naman issue ‘yan. But Luis and John Lloyd here are not screaming gays. Luis is the corporate type and John Lloyd is the rugged one. Parang sina Tom Hanks sa ‘Philadelphia’. You’d never suspect they’re lovers kaya nga nailihim nila sa’kin.

Eventually, when Luis gets sick, John Lloyd and I will be competing kasi inaalagaan niya ito when I’m the mother.”

Who’s the better actor between Luis and Edu? “I think it’s Luis. Kasi when I did ‘Romansa’ with Edu in San Francisco 29 years ago, he was so stiff. But Luis says kinakabahan siya. Kasi when he interviewed me one on one pa lang sa ‘Entertainment Live’, sobra ng kaba niya, what more in this film where we’ll be acting together. Magwo-workshop nga sila ni John Lloyd, pero ako, hindi na kasali. Ayokong pakialaman ang acting niya. I want him to just act naturally.”

And who’s got the bigger talent fee? “I don’t know. Baka si Luis kasi they have to offer him a bigger pay for him to accept the gay role. Ayaw kasi niya noong una.”

It’s common knowledge Luis is now playing beautiful music with Angel Locsin. How does she feel about this? “Angel is okay, mabait siya. Maganda ang influence niya sa anak ko. Very positive. Mas maganda ang bukas ng mukha ni Luis ngayon and he has become more responsible. Kasundo ko si Angel dahil pareho kaming artista. We more or less speak the same language.”

Will she give her consent if they’d get married soon? “No comment. But my son will be 28 in April. He lives in our house in Green Meadows. I’m really proud of him as people tell me he’s very professional to work with. Even when he shoots commercials daw, they tell him it’s 7 a.m., but 6:30 a.m. pa lang nasa set na.”

She has revealed more about the Luis-Angel affair than Luis himself. “Well, I can understand my son if he doesn’t want to talk about it. Kasi he’s also protective of the love team of Angel with Piolo Pascual, lalo na ngayong they have a movie together.”

It’s good her constituents in Batangas finally let her do a new movie. “Oo nga. Kasi the first time magpaalam ako sa kanila last year, walang reaction. But now, sila pa’ng nagtatanong kung kailan ako uli gagawa ng movie. Maging ‘yung mga pari namin, payag na silang magpelikula uli ako and I’m thankful for that.”

Will she run as vice president in 2010 now that Malacañang seems to be grooming her? “I’m not entertaining such ideas. If you’d ask me now, in all sincerity, I’d say wala akong balak. My focus now remains to be just Batangas. Pero ayoko ring magsalita nang patapos kasi what if destiny mo yun? All I’m saying is that kung yung iba, may ganung ambisyon, ako walang ganung ambisyon. I just want to be governor of Batangas and I’m not aiming for a national position.”




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