Actor’s ‘death’ shocks Rustom Padilla fans

January 17, 2009

“RUSTOM Padilla is dead,” thus declared Bebe Gandanghari, the name which the actor now sports. He (or she?) appeared on Startalk yesterday and his revelations shocked viewers.

He just arrived from New York where he studied fashion modelling, among other things, but denied he had a sex change.

Garbed in a stylish New York attire, he did the ramp before and after his revealing interview with Startalk hosts, Butch Francisco, Joey de Leon, Lolit Solis and Ricky Lo.

In a video clip, his mother Eva Cariño said she had gradually accepted the fate of her son, but admitted she still has misgivings. Mommy Eva, who certainly is her son (or daughter) Bebe’s spitting image.

Some people surmise that Mommy Eva’s words of acceptance may have come from herself, but her hint of denials are based on her other sons’ opinion, especially Robin Padilla.

Mommy Eva’s last advice was to heed the words of God, and Bebe (or Rustom) assured her that he will follow her.

Meanwhile, Rustom Padilla’s fans are still in a state of shock.




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