Vizconde, Webb families await Supreme Court ruling

December 13, 2010

Fifteen years and 6 months.

The mother of Hubert Webb, Elizabeth, clearly remembers how long her son has been in jail after he was convicted by a lower court for his supposed participation in the Vizconde massacre.

The Webb family hopes that the Supreme Court will finally release its verdict on the case and free Hubert in its last en banc session for the year 2010 on Tuesday.

“Alam namin walang kasalanan si Hubert. Every day, kalbaryo ito ng pamilya,” Elizabeth said.

The Webb family said they are ready for any decision the court makes, but Elizabeth prays that star witness Jessica Alfaro will finally say that Hubert had nothing to do with the crime.

“Ina rin siya, baka mangyari sa kanya in the future, malaman niya kung gaano kasakit ang maging biktima ng kasinungalingan,” Elizabeth said.

Lauro Vizconde, meanwhile, also wants an end to the case.

For him, true justice is seeing Hubert remain behind bars.

“I’ll respect their [Supreme Court] decision but of course I’ll criticize it [if Hubert is freed]. Iyong evidence ang basis, siyempre guilty,” he said.

His wife, Estrelita, and their children Carmela and Jennifer were killed in the massacre that occurred on June 30, 1991 at their house in BF Homes, Paranaque. Carmela was raped before she was killed.

Lauro was in the United States at the time of the murders.

Hubert Webb, Peter Estrada, Hospicio Fernandez, Michael Gatchalian, Antonio Lejano II, and Miguel Rodriguez were sentenced to life imprisonment for the massacre.

Two of the accused, Joey Filart and Artemio Ventura, have remained fugitives.

If the high court upholds Webb’s conviction, he can still file a motion for reconsideration.

If he is acquitted or the high tribunal reverses a lower court’s ruling on the case, Webb will be freed.

Prosecutors will not be able to file a motion for reconsideration if he is acquitted, based on the legal doctrine that prevents double jeopardy.

Both the Webb and Vizconde families hope they will finally receive justice before Christmas.




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