PNoy hits SC in front of Chief Justice Corona

December 5, 2011

President Benigno Aquino III on Monday lambasted the Supreme Court for coming out with decisions that have become stumbling blocks to his campaign for good government.

Aquino came out with strong words even if Chief Justice Renato Corona and several members of the judiciary were only a few inches away.
In his speech, Aquino said he only wanted the tyrants to go to justice, as what he had learned during the Martial Law years.
However, the first barricade was put up by no less than the high court, he said. He is referring to the Truth Commission that was ordered unconstitutional by the high court. The Truth Commission was put up to determine the liabilities of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo during her nine years in position.
He also took a jab at the halt order of the high court lifting the travel restraint against Arroyo. He said the high court was the one who had imposed the conditions on the halt order, only to drop these in the end.
Later on, he also took  a swiped at the appointment of Corona, who came into position during the election period. The high court, in allowing an appointment of the chief justice by Arroyo, said the midnight rule does not cover its own ranks.
Aquino would later choose another magistrate to administer his oath.
He said it is clear from the Constitution that midnight appointment is banned.
“Lumabag ba ang SC sa dati nating pag-unawa sa Saligang Batas?” he asked the delegates at the Manila Hotel.
Aquino said he has no intention to sully the credibility of the high court “pero balikan natin ang mga batayang prinsipyo (We should go back to the basic principles in the Constitution.)”
He said he is not a lawyer, but he knows what is right and wrong.
“Di ito laruan na binabaligtad ayon sa kagustuhan nila,” he said. He said the high court was created to serve the people, similar to what he has been tasked to do.
He later shook hands with Corona before leaving and told him “Wala itong Personalan”.

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