I Prefer Natural Makeup to Extravagance

Okay, so we know that some women overdo it with the makeup. I do not know what causes a person to go crazy with the eye makeup and lipstick, but it happens. Just like some guys overdo it with the cologne. Some women have stunningly beautiful skin to not need any makeup at all. They have lips that are filled with color and a natural blush in their cheeks. They have long and luxurious eyelashes and an eye color that is blazing in beauty. They do not need any mascara or eyeliner. I prefer natural makeup when I do wear it. I like products that are eco-friendly and sustainable, and I do not go for brilliant fluorescent coloring.

My niece, when she was eight, liked to paint her fingernails in different brilliant colors. She does not do it anymore, but it reminds me of how some women do their makeup as adults. I think makeup should enhance rather than being a billboard that is in brilliant colors to attract attention. I really do not think makeup should be noticed. It should be artfully used to even out skin tones and colorize slightly. When I was a teenager, I had a friend who would dye her hair pink, blue, green and orange. She had beautiful light brown hair, but she liked to be extravagant. I never dyed my hair as a teen, but I do now that I have seen a few grays. However, I match my natural color as closely as I possible can. No one even knows or suspects that I color it.

The natural makeup approach makes it a whole lot easier for me to get ready for work in the morning too. I do not have a ritual of painting that needs to be done. I can get more sleep. I have coworkers that tell me they get up at four in the morning to start getting ready, and it does not include jogging or gym time. It is all hair and makeup time. That is just crazy.

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