They Cleaned My Condo So She Could Move in

I was thrilled when I was accepted for an international intern position that actually paid quite well. The only concern I had was what to do with my condo. I did not want to give it up since I would be returning in one year to my regular job, so I was happy when my friend told me she would sublet it from me for the year. I wanted to make sure it was in tip top shape for her, but I did not have time to do it myself. Instead, I researched cleaning services in Singapore and found one that would come out and make sure the condo was in perfect order for my friend to move in.

The price was right for the size of my condo. I have two bedrooms, one of which is my home office. She is going to use it for the same thing, which meant I didn’t even have to put my office furniture into storage. I cleared out all of my cupboards and closets, so the cleaning company that I hired was able to clean the insides of all of those too.

I did not have to supply anything other than the vacuum, which I am leaving for my friend anyway. They took care of everything else though. They vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned all the cupboards. Every window was cleaned, and the bathroom was nearly sparkling by the time they were done. My friend was so impressed when she brought her stuff over that she wanted to know the name of the company that had taken care of it. She wanted to hire them on a weekly basis to come and clean for her too while she is living here. I cannot blame her, because I am thinking of doing the same when I move back too!

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