The Territorial Canadian Violent Goose

Most of us enjoy thinking that wild animals are inherently friendly creatures who wish us no harm. We like to believe that we can relate to nearly animal that we come across or that we have control of any situations we might find ourselves in when faced with a creature from the wild. This might be true for animals like deer that are easily spooked but would you believe that it’s necessary to hire people like myself in order to establish Canada Geese control in NJ? Would you ever look at a goose and believe that it’s an animal capable of killing an adult human? On first inspection it’s not something one would easily believe or even think to be of the truth. However, it is true and it has happened even in recent years. I can think of two stories of when a wild Canadian Goose was responsible for the vile murder of humans.

The first was a gardener who worked as a landscaper in Chicago. The property he worked on had its own pond which attracted numerous geese. Like any normal person he never suspected that behind those lifeless black eyes gazed a potential killer. This poor man found himself knocked into the pond where he was forcibly submerged again and again until life left his body. The second is a simialr story with another man in near duplicated scenarios except he was kayaking for pleasure when a Goose knocked him out of his kayak. These creatures are dangerous! Think of the potential threat they pose against our children or even our pets? When I work in controlling them which typically involves forcing them off a property with traps or even killing them when we are left with no choice they will often attack as soon as I step onto the property. They’re incredibly territorial.

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