June, 2019

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Top Quality, Professional Cello Classes Offered in Singapore

New World Music Centre is a friendly and open environment in which music is studied and enjoyed from even the earliest stages of a child’s development as a baby through their growth into more mature musicians.

The centre is not limited to teaching a handful of music instruments, it offers a diverse range of courses, specializing in string instruments, percussion, vocal singing lessons and the theory of music too. It has good cello class lessons in Singapore which is an instrument less often seen compared to the guitar or ukelele, making this a unique opportunity for students to learn a new instrument through the different teaching programmes that are offered.

Music lessons are catered to young students both with some experience and some starting out their young lives in the world of music. Employing only the best music professionals, hand-picked from the Music Conservatory, holding masters degrees and diplomas in music, the centre offers high quality instruction for the detailed learning of music instruments.

Learning to play the cello is somewhat different to other instruments such as the piano as the basics for playing and producing good tones are not as simple, therefore, the centre focuses on providing a good teacher who can instruct the student from the early stages on how best to manipulate the instrument and to reach their potential in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

New World Music Centre offers excellent instruction in learning to play the cello as it has a particular focus on catering to the needs and abilities of individual students, ensuring they receive a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of music, being able to read and understand music, and to develop skills for interpreting and listening to various sounds. Confidence is instilled in the students and through the proper instruction offered by the music professionals, they develop the capability to play a variety of music genres with the cello.

Always Treat Your Hair Right

I used to take my hair for granted. I would put my hair into all kinds of crazy styles without worrying about it. When my hair started to thin a little, I didn’t worry, because I figured that it was just temporary and it would grow back in no time. Then the thinning started to get worse, and took more hair with it. My hair got so bad that I started wearing hats everywhere, and I would avoid situations where I couldn’t wear one. I searched for help and found it in an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore.

I made a promises to myself that if my hair were to be restored with the help of the clinic, that I would take better care of it. Read More

My Brother is Coming to Live with Me

I’m glad that in a few weeks, my brother will be moving into my Treasure at Tampines condo. I moved into the condo when I moved out of the country to Singapore last year. My family all had a tearful goodbye for me, even though I told them that I would still come back and see them from time to time. I guess my brother missed me so much that he wanted to live with me, and I didn’t have a problem with that. I missed him too, and was glad that he wanted to stay with me. If my parents decide that they miss me enough to move in with me, I would probably have a problem with that.

When my brother gets here, I’m sure that he’s going to love the condo. It’s such a luxurious place and there’s a lot of good things around the condo too. I’m going to show him around and take him to the best eating spots. Read More

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