My Brother is Coming to Live with Me

I’m glad that in a few weeks, my brother will be moving into my Treasure at Tampines condo. I moved into the condo when I moved out of the country to Singapore last year. My family all had a tearful goodbye for me, even though I told them that I would still come back and see them from time to time. I guess my brother missed me so much that he wanted to live with me, and I didn’t have a problem with that. I missed him too, and was glad that he wanted to stay with me. If my parents decide that they miss me enough to move in with me, I would probably have a problem with that.

When my brother gets here, I’m sure that he’s going to love the condo. It’s such a luxurious place and there’s a lot of good things around the condo too. I’m going to show him around and take him to the best eating spots. He really likes to try new foods whenever he goes to places and I think that he’ll really enjoy the local cuisine that they have around here. He’ll probably enjoy the night spots even more. Back when I was still in my home country, I would go out with him at night and we would go to dance clubs.

Before coming here, my brother had to find a way to make money, because there was no way I would be able to pay for the both of us over a long period of time. He found a job at tech company that needed some new programmers. I’ve never been able to figure out programming, but my brother has always been good at it, and can write programs in just a few minutes. Once I saw him make a program that takes screen shots in just a minute.

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