Sharon Cuneta supports KC Concepcion, Piolo Pascual Hopes To Iron kinks

October 16, 2011

AFTER being with friends in Spain and France, KC Concepcion flew to the U.S. to attend the 65th birthday celebration of ex-US Pres. Bill Clinton and charity event at the Hollywood Bowl last Sunday, October 15 (Monday, Manila time.) She asked her mom, megastar Sharon Cuneta, to follow her there and Sharon flew to the U.S. last Thursday to join her. Sharon herself just arrived from a series of concerts in the United Kingdom but she didn’t hesitate to leave again to be with her daughter.

“She requested for mama, so mama will be with her,” says Sharon. “Alalay lang ako ni KC roon. She’s the one invited, entitled siyang magsama ng isa, and she chose me. We will be in L.A. for one week. I look forward to meeting Pres. Clinton. It’ll be an honor. The event will be for two nights. On the first night will be the fundraising dinner, then on the second night will be a concert with Usher, Lady Gaga and Bono.”

Although she has noticeably lost weight lately, Sharon said she has yet to reach her target weight. “KC told me if I hit my target weight, my prize from her will be ipagso-shopping niya ako in Europe. I’m really careful with my diet now. I cut out my carbohydrates and the Marie France treatments help speed up my metabolism.”

She’s losing weight in preparation for the movie she’ll do with Star Cinema. Some say it’s her reunion movie with Gabby Concepcion but Gabby is now busy shooting the Regal filmfest entry, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” opposite Maricel Soriano, and the new TV5-Viva TV soap, “P.S. I Love You,” opposite Dina Bonnevie. We’re told most probably, she’d be paired with Richard Gomez.

About the rumored split of KC from Piolo Pascual, Sharon would rather keep quiet. “I’m not free to talk about their relationship and what KC is going through. Basta KC knows mama will always be here. We went through so much when she was little (which is about the breakup of her own marriage). She don’t have to go through it by herself.”

KC and Piolo admitted they went steady in October of last year. They would have been celebrating their first anniversary this month if they’re still on. In an interview with Piolo, he said he’s also leaving for the States to do some shows and he’s hoping he and KC would have time to talk and thresh things out to save their relationship.

KC Concepcion leaves the country without Piolo Pascual’s knowledge

October 10, 2011

Yesterday, when KC Concepcion was interviewed at the airport, as she was reportedly leaving for Europe, specifically, Spain, and which was aired in The Buzz, nakakaloka ang sagot ni KC when she was asked kung alam ni Piolo na aalis siya.

Ang kanyang quick and short na sagot, ’di niya alam!

And what’s the score between them?

Again, KC’s reply, ’di niya rin alam. Sabay dugtong, “siya ang tanungin n’yo.”

In any case, it just so happened that Saturday, we (with other entertainment reporters) had an encounter with Piolo at the Sunlife Financial Philippine event honoring the winners of their very first It’s Time awards, held at the Traders Hotel Manila.

The It’s Time Award is a project of the Sun Life Foundation, meant to continue its noble mission of empowering every Filipino to take action in their journey towards financial freedom.

Piolo is one of the endorsers ng Sun Life Financial Philippines.

Mailap si Piolo sa pakikipag-usap sa press. Tulad din ng dalawa niyang co-endorsers of the firm, Bum Aquino at Pia Magalona, balo ng late rapper na si Francis M.

Ganunpaman, isa sa amin ang humarang sa kanya at ang biglang tanong kay Papa P ay kung anong plano niya for KC, since they will mark their first anniversary as sweethearts on Oct. 21.

Maliksi at mailap din ang sagot ni Papa P.: “Sa aming dalawa na lamang ’yon.”

E, ’yong napapabalitang break na sila? Gaano katotoo iyon? Singit naman ng isang kasamahan namin.

Tugon daw ni Piolo: “Hehehe.”

Well. ’Di kaya “insured” din ang sagot ni Piolo sa mga itinatanong sa kanya?

KC Concepcion trying hard to save relationship with Piolo Pascual?

September 11, 2011

MOST writers were not surprised about news of discord in the relationship of KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual. Even then, we already heard many of them being cynical about it saying “Hindi magtatagal ‘yan.” Lately, KC has been on a crying binge on national television while talking about their relationship, a confirmation of  her earlier admittance na“na may pinagdaraanan kami ngayon ni Piolo.” KC’s TV confessions are so full of meaning that can be interpreted in various ways. Here are some of them.

“Tinatanggap ko siya nang buung-buo. At iniintindi ko siya nang buung-buo.”

“Kasi importante na kapag nag-commit ka sa isang relasyon, hindi mo siya iiwan sa ere. So, sinabi ko sa kanya ’yun. Noong nag-promise ka na kaya mo ’to, naniwala ako na kaya mo. So, nandito ako para hawakan ang kamay mo. At talagang magiging patient and understanding ako hangga’t kaya ko. Hangga’t talagang kaya ko pa.”

This corroborates her mom Sharon Cuneta’s earlier statement that “Hindi ko siya (KC) pinalaki to be taken for granted or balewalain.”

We’ve heard so many stories in the grapevine about what’s happening to them and in all of these stories, it appears that KC is the aggrieved party, the martyr who’s ready to fight for their love despite rumors that she’s not Piolo’s first priority but his career, his family and his faith. Still and all, she believes “maayos pa rin ang lahat.”

Someone who used to be so close to her said: “Huwag niya sabihing she’s not been properly warned because a lot of people warned her.” At the Star Magic Ball, they came together as each other’s date and things seem to be okay between them. If their romance is a movie, this would have been the best ending, with them together again looking happy in each other’s arms. But as we all know, reality bites. It’s now up to KC if she wants to bite back.

Sharon Cuneta finally spoken about KC Concepcion’s relationship with Piolo Pascual

September 6, 2011

MEGASTAR mom Sharon Cuneta has finally spoken about her daughter, KC Concepcion’s relationship with actor Piolo Pascual. She said that if the actor intends to be her daughter’s future husband, he should be taking good care of her.

Reportedly, KC and Piolo’s relationship is on the rocks but both of them are working hard to work things out.

Much as they wanted to be as normal as other couples, being celebrities can’t afford them the privacy they long for. This would mean that everything they do (and would not do), will be exposed which will somehow get in the way of an ideal romance.

And now comes Sharon’s statement. Quite simple but strong.

Although it is a very good move for Piolo not to react to it, it comes as something that pinpoints to him as the problem.

Rumor has it that the actor never faces KC’s family. Is he afraid her family would perceive other intention than being serious with her?

Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion break up rumor not true

September 2, 2011

KC Concepcion finally opened up in “The Buzz” that she and boyfriend Piolo Pascual like other normal couples are having problems but denied they have broken up.

It’s been said that in their ten-month relationship, they’ve had misunderstandings but the big difference, KC said, is that they’re both celebrities. But what’s worse is that even their own station is spreading the bad news about them.

But other people have other opinion about the two: Piolo is obviously much older than KC and the age gap could mean communication gap, too.

Many also see them as a couple just being a love team outside the television screen.

Or is it that Piolo really find it hard imagining himself as an ideal boyfriend or is KC just too young for him?

KC Concepcion says her relationship with Piolo Pascual is as strong as ever

June 14, 2011

With the upcoming June 15 playdate of her Star Cinema movie Forever and a Day, KC Concepcion is excited about sharing with the public her latest project which pairs her up with Sam Milby. Although her co-star admitted in previous interviews to having had a crush on her before, KC said it is not an issue with her and her boyfriend Piolo Pascual (whom she affectionately calls ‘PJ’), who is also good friends with Sam.

Despite the media’s insistence on offscreen chemistry between the two, KC said that kind of attraction is better left in the past. “I don’t know if it matters anymore kasi sa Close-Up commercial niya crush ko rin naman siya dun eh. Wala na yun. Ang crush naman paiba-iba naman eh,” she admitted during the Forever and a Day presscon held last June 10 at the ABS-CBN compound.

The 26-year-old host-actress also denied reports that because of the growing closeness with Sam while doing the movie, she and Piolo had broken up already. “Diyos ko Lord, hindi po. Wala pong ganun at all. Totally hiwalay itong pelikula sa relationship namin ni PJ and yung kuwento namin ni Sam, as he said, goes way back. Yung closeness namin, yung pagkatotoo ng relasyon namin bilang magkaibigan, sobrang walang halong kaplastikan, walang kahalong anything. So hiwalay talaga. I think may respeto naman si Sam kay PJ in a sense na wala talagang mangyayari at all,” she clarified.

A self-confessed romantic, KC said she’s the type of person that will fight for her relationship to last. As she grew older, KC admitted she does not go into relationships on a whim, but instead makes sure it is one for keeps. “Dati madali ako mag-fall. Parang siguro mas naging seryoso ako kasi yun yung mga choices ko sa buhay. Kasi hindi na kami yung mga teenagers, ang panget naman nung palipat-lipat. Sabi nga ni Direk (Cathy Garcia-Molina), one day can be like your forever pero forever can happen in one day. And meron talagang mga love story na ganun eh, na hindi mo talaga ini-expect na ma-i-in-love kayo tapos mari-realize mo na lang isang araw na, ‘Teka sandali lang, iba na ito.” Nangyari na rin sa akin yun. Yung mga whirlwind, one weekend, Friday to Sunday, in love na ako sa kanya, (laughs)” she admitted despite not naming any names.

KC said that she has learned to become more mature as she grows older and has become more discerning when entering into a serious relationship. “Siyempre patatagalin niyo hanggang kaya niyo bilang dalawang mature na tao, talagang gagawin niyo ang lahat para makita kung hanggang saan yung relasyon. Ako personally when I am in a relationship, I will not give up until wala na akong mabibigay pa. In that sense, ganun na yung tingin ko sa relasyon.

Hindi na katulad dati na porke’t physically guwapo or physically hindi guwapo pero type ko yung utak niya. Parang mabilis. Noon okay lang pero at the end of the day, Filipina pa rin ako at saka madami na rin akong natutunan sa labas. How many years na rin na nagkaroon ako ng serious relationship. Siguro ako sa isang relationship, I wouldn’t be with someone kung kulang yung pagmamahal ko dun sa tao and kung hindi gaun ka-passionate, I will have to let him go.,” she explained.

Piolo Pascual on KC Concepcion: We have problems

May 27, 2011

SHALL we add the names of Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion to the list of couples who have called it quits?

Not yet.

Piolo seldom talks about his personal life. He avoids it like a plague. It was a miracle that he admitted that he courted KC. Would he do the same thing if their relationship turns sour?

“It is sad that I am always quoted out of context,” he laments. “Sa hinabahaba ng aking paliwanag, they will single out a line and sensationalize it. Nagugulat na lang ako sa aking nababasa. Of course, in any relationships, there will be problems. We have our share of this. “

It took quite a time before Piolo admitted that he has conquered the heart of KC. He sums up the experience as “worth the wait”.

Reportedly, megastar Sharon Cuneta was taken by surprise upon reading that the two have broken up.

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