Sharon Cuneta supports KC Concepcion, Piolo Pascual Hopes To Iron kinks

October 16, 2011

AFTER being with friends in Spain and France, KC Concepcion flew to the U.S. to attend the 65th birthday celebration of ex-US Pres. Bill Clinton and charity event at the Hollywood Bowl last Sunday, October 15 (Monday, Manila time.) She asked her mom, megastar Sharon Cuneta, to follow her there and Sharon flew to the U.S. last Thursday to join her. Sharon herself just arrived from a series of concerts in the United Kingdom but she didn’t hesitate to leave again to be with her daughter.

“She requested for mama, so mama will be with her,” says Sharon. “Alalay lang ako ni KC roon. She’s the one invited, entitled siyang magsama ng isa, and she chose me. We will be in L.A. for one week. I look forward to meeting Pres. Clinton. It’ll be an honor. The event will be for two nights. On the first night will be the fundraising dinner, then on the second night will be a concert with Usher, Lady Gaga and Bono.”

Although she has noticeably lost weight lately, Sharon said she has yet to reach her target weight. “KC told me if I hit my target weight, my prize from her will be ipagso-shopping niya ako in Europe. I’m really careful with my diet now. I cut out my carbohydrates and the Marie France treatments help speed up my metabolism.”

She’s losing weight in preparation for the movie she’ll do with Star Cinema. Some say it’s her reunion movie with Gabby Concepcion but Gabby is now busy shooting the Regal filmfest entry, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” opposite Maricel Soriano, and the new TV5-Viva TV soap, “P.S. I Love You,” opposite Dina Bonnevie. We’re told most probably, she’d be paired with Richard Gomez.

About the rumored split of KC from Piolo Pascual, Sharon would rather keep quiet. “I’m not free to talk about their relationship and what KC is going through. Basta KC knows mama will always be here. We went through so much when she was little (which is about the breakup of her own marriage). She don’t have to go through it by herself.”

KC and Piolo admitted they went steady in October of last year. They would have been celebrating their first anniversary this month if they’re still on. In an interview with Piolo, he said he’s also leaving for the States to do some shows and he’s hoping he and KC would have time to talk and thresh things out to save their relationship.

Sharon Cuneta will be a Kapatid?

October 10, 2011

LOOKS like the megastar Sharon Cuneta is clueless on why there are rumors that she is leaving ABS-CBN to move to TV5.

She’s currently in Europe for a string of concerts.

She says she has no idea what’s going on back home. When she was asked about the issue, she shares that she’s happy with ABS-CBN and the rumor of moving out surprises her.

When she gets back, she’s due to talk with boss Vic del Rosario.

She also stresses that in this point in time of her career she doesn’t see any reason why she would leave ABS CBN. But she adds that she is also open to other opportunities.

She’s still due for a project with ex-husband Gabby Concepcion.

Given that she’s open to other opportunities, would a pretty offer from TV5 make her change her mind eventually?

Is Sharon Cuneta moving to TV5?

September 19, 2011

WILL she or won’t she? We’re referring to Sharon Cuneta and the rumor that she’d soon move to TV5. We know Sharon is loyal to ABS-CBN, who’s also been loyal to her continuously giving her shows like “Star Power” and “Biggest Loser”. But the rumor seems to have some grain of truth in it since Sharon’s career is now said to be handled by Viva Entertainment. And Viva’s Boss Vic is very close to TV5 execs.

It’d be noted that both shows hosted by the Megastar on ABS-CBN didn’t rate as high as expected and TV5 is said to have prepared an active package for her that would be hard to resist. If and when she’d agree to jump over the bakod, the megastar will be in good company.

Just before her, Lorna Tolentino has also moved to TV5. And also Dolphy, Aga Muhlach, Edu Manzano and Nora Aunor. Someone said having such big stars doesn’t necessarily mean their shows on TV5 would rate.

But still, such big names will enhance TV5’s corporate image and give them some kind of respectability.

Sharon Cuneta finally spoken about KC Concepcion’s relationship with Piolo Pascual

September 6, 2011

MEGASTAR mom Sharon Cuneta has finally spoken about her daughter, KC Concepcion’s relationship with actor Piolo Pascual. She said that if the actor intends to be her daughter’s future husband, he should be taking good care of her.

Reportedly, KC and Piolo’s relationship is on the rocks but both of them are working hard to work things out.

Much as they wanted to be as normal as other couples, being celebrities can’t afford them the privacy they long for. This would mean that everything they do (and would not do), will be exposed which will somehow get in the way of an ideal romance.

And now comes Sharon’s statement. Quite simple but strong.

Although it is a very good move for Piolo not to react to it, it comes as something that pinpoints to him as the problem.

Rumor has it that the actor never faces KC’s family. Is he afraid her family would perceive other intention than being serious with her?

Kiko Pangilinan to Sharon Cuneta: Sexy ka na, sweetheart

August 4, 2011

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan is happy that his wife, Megastar Sharon Cuneta, is finally getting back into shape.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Pangilinan said he is really proud of her since losing weight requires great discipline.

“Alam mo, kapag tulog na siya, binubulungan ko siya, sexy ka na sweetheart. So, every night yon…Sa akin, it does not matter, kung saan siya masaya.”

“Right now, I can say na talagang she’s committed and dedicated and doing really hard work in getting back to fighting form, ika nga. So I’m very happy for her,” Pangilinan said.

In a previous interview, Cuneta’s friend, Fanny Serrano, revealed that the actress has lost 6 inches off her waist because of strict diet and exercise.

Meanwhile, Pangilinan also commented about a rift between Sharon and daughter KC Concepcion.

The senator said that it’s just normal in a family to argue sometimes.

‘Pinoy Biggest Loser’ constestant: one of heaviest in the world

June 2, 2011

Francisco “Eboy” Bautista, one of the contestants in ABS-CBN’s “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition”, is one of the heaviest contestants in the reality show worldwide.

Bautista, 33, who hails from Parañaque City, weighed 481 lbs during the show’s first weigh-in.

According to the show’s host, Megastar Sharon Cuneta, among all the 14 contestants, Bautista was the biggest and one of the heaviest in the world.

“Eboy, ang iyong starting weight ay 481 lbs.,” Cuneta said.

She added: “Sa 481 lbs., Eboy, isa ka sa pinakamabigat na ‘Biggest Loser’ contestants sa buong mundo,” Cuneta said.

Because of that, Bautista is more motivated to shed those extra pounds.

“Hindi naman ito ‘yung isa sa gusto mong ipagmalaki. Siyempre sa pagtanda mo at tanungin ka ano ang accomplishment mo, [ayokong sabihin na,] ‘Ako ang pinakamabigat na contestant ever’,” Bautista said.

Sharon vows to lose weight

Cuneta said she is really proud of the contestants who showed courage to step on the weighing scale during the first weigh-in.

She also bared to the 14 contestants the reason she herself gained weight and vowed that she will do her best to be fit again.

“There is one thing I want each and everyone of you to know tonight. You have renewed my faith in myself. When I hit 40, I had a midlife crisis. I was very angry. I was everyone’s sweetheart. All of a sudden I turned a year old and everybody changed. And I lost all desire to look good and I never said that before. But you guys, nahihiya akong humarap sa inyo kasi nakikita ko lahat ang lakas at tapang ng loob niyo na humarap dito. Hindi ko kaya ‘yan,” she said.

“Maraming, maraming salamat. I’m privileged to be a part of this journey with you and knowing na ang gagaling ng 14 ko [na contestants] sa pagkatao, there’s nothing you cannot conquer. Kasama niyo ako in every step of the way. So God bless each and everyone. Focus on how great you will look and how great you will feel. Thank you for making me feel this. Magsisikap akong pumayat at bumalik sa dati,” Cuneta said.

Below are the names of contestants and their starting weight:

Charlene Hazel Chua, Bicol (206 lbs)
Destiny Duarte, 23 (221 lbs)
Edden Cruz, 35, Cebu (221 lbs)
Angela Lupango, 26, Rizal (223 lbs)
Larry Martin (255 lbs)
Winwin Cabinta, 18, Bukidnon (260 lbs)
Eric Limatog, 22, Cebu (272 lbs.)
Enrique Rafael “Raffy” Tan, 22, Negros Occidental (287 lbs)
Ryan Razon, 31, Pampanga (293 lbs)
Allan Choachuy, 40, Cebu (309 lbs.)
Joy Siy, 25, Pasig City (320 lbs)
Jose “JM” Oloris, 32, Manila (340 lbs.)
Art Mendoza, 35, Makati (341 lbs)
Francisco “Eboy” Bautista, 33, Parañaque (481 lbs)

Sharon Cuneta is determined to continue losing weight in spite of her hectic schedule

April 1, 2011

Sharon Cuneta said that she has slowed down with her weight reduction program lately because of her very hectic schedule. “Dahan-dahan nalu-lose, I haven’t had time lately to go to Marie France (the slimming center she endorses) kasi araw-araw may trabaho ako pero kahit stressed tuloy-tuloy pa rin although slower. So the minute na may puwang talaga papa-treatment ako kaagad,” she explained. Currently, Sharon has The Sharon Cuneta Special, which will run for five Sundays. Afterwards, she is slated to host the local edition of The Biggest Loser.

The Megastar also revealed that she seldom checks her weight. “Kasi minsan if you think you lost more than you actually have, baka mabagalan ka o ma-frustrate ka. Minsan we expect too much of ourselves pero ang nangyayari usually iniisip mo baka ganito lang pero may extra pound pala na na-lose mo. Pero alam ko ‘pag medyo lumuluwag na ‘yung mga damit mo, [sasabihin mo] pa-weigh nga, patingin nga.”

The actress-host said that she continues to slowly shed extra pounds and she gets encouragement when others notice the difference. “Medyo pumapalakpak ang puso ko. It encourages me. ‘Yun bang ‘pag nagpapayat ka parang mas nawawalan ka ng motivation ‘pag may nagsabing, ‘Ang taba mo,’ pero hindi nila alam naka-lose ka ng five lbs kasi ‘di pa na-appreciate kasi malaki ang kailangan mong i-lose. Gusto ko talaga ‘pag na-lose ko na ‘yung extra weight maging remarkable ‘yung change, makabalik ako sa dati.”

She is also hoping that the issue about her weight will finally be put to rest, after the controversial word-war she had with Hayden Kho, who supposedly criticized the billboard for the slimming center she endorses. “Sana tapos na, nasabi ko ‘yung kailangang sabihin. I’ve moved on. Kung may mga susunod pa, basta ako wala akong dinagdag, nasaktan. Laging nagre-react ako, hindi ako nag-uumpisa ng kahit anong issue. Kung meron mang gusto pang manakit sa akin, please try harder,” she quipped.

She added that she chooses her battles and would rather not focus on issues that are just a waste of time and effort. “There are better things to focus on and more lovely people to think about.”

Sharon continued that she did not set out to hurt anyone with the previous issue with Hayden and justified that she only reacted because she was just human, who was affected by the criticisms. “Siguro ‘pag natapos na ‘to wala akong utang, sila ang may utang sa akin,” she said.

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