Willie Revillame’s show enjoys good rating while other shows suffers?

October 26, 2011

IS Willie Revillame’s “Wil Time Bigtime” the only show that rates on TV5?

Recently at the presscon for ‘R U Kidding Me,’ hosted by Vic Sotto with Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola, director Bert de Leon was asked about their erratic timeslot.

He said it really depends on what time ‘WTBT’ would end.

Some quarters ask why Willie or people behind the show should go beyond its timeslot.

Vic himself remarked “It really depends on Willie.”

Aside from ‘R U Kidding Me’ which was not shown after WTBT’s first anniversary show, there are others who have been complaining why their timeslot are affected by Willie’s show.

This is probably the reason why the show of superstar Nora Aunor, “Sa Ngalan Ng Ina” never took off as far as ratings are concerned. Usually, it is shown by 10 p.m., when the superstars’ fans, so they say, have gone to bed.

But while Willie’s show enjoys good ratings, other shows suffer.

Couldn’t they come into a compromise regarding timeslots?

Willing Willie’s return stirs up anticipation

May 6, 2011

ACCORDING to Willie Revillame’s lawyer, Leonard de Vera, “Willing Willie” may be back on air on May 9 following a decision by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board which supported the self-regulatory measures put in place by ABC TV5 and adopted by the show’s co-producer WilProductions, Inc.

“We are comforted by the MTRCB not having found that Willie or the program or TV5 committed acts of child abuse or exploitation or child cruelty,” De Vera said in reaction to the May 3 decision of the three-member MTRCB adjudication board.

He said they are keeping their legal options open to file a motion for reconsideration before the MTRCB or to appeal the decision before the Office of the President or the Court of Appeals.

ABC TV5’s own lawyers are also studying the decision which suspended “Willing Willie” for 30 days but adopted their and WilProduction’s joint manifestation and motion that the period of the show’s self-suspension which started on April 11, 2011 be credited.

The 30 days will lapse on May 9, thus paving the way for the return of “Willing Willie” on the same date, if TV5, Revillame and Wilproductions so desire.

The MTRCB decision stressed that all television networks and shows, as well as talents, must self-regulate.

“Let this decision stand as reminder to all networks, producers, directors, public figures, celebrities and hosts that: We are all advocates. And as advocates, we are duty-bound to fight for a TV industry that does not only make us ‘eat for a day’ but an industry that inspires, transforms and moves us to live better lives.”

No less than the prosecuting counsel of the MTRCB, Jonathan Presquito, commended ABC TV5 and the show’s producer for implementing self-regulating measures.

Presquito supported the joint manifestation and motion which TV5 and WilProductions filed last April 28 “in recognition of the efforts of the respondents to immediately and voluntarily rectify what some sectors find to be offensive and objectionable showing, and of their willingness to institute measures for the betterment of their programming.”

In the decision signed by committee chair Noel del Prado and members Milo Sogueco and Ma. Carmen Musngi, the MTRCB panel cited the emphasis given by Presquito, among others, on the “value of self-regulation, not only as the best course of action, but as the paramount consideration…”

TV5’s self-regulating measures are now being seen by many in the television industry as precedent-setting in the ample protection they would now afford anyone appearing on all TV5 shows, especially children.

Among the measures undertaken by TV5 and supported by the MTRCB are:

Coming up with a strict guidelines on the participation of children on its shows and events; The appointment of an Internal Child Ombudsman who will oversee and champion the welfare of children during auditions, ensuring that all their rights under broadcasting laws are protected; Effecting a moratorium on children as show contestants until such time that the safeguards are already approved and in effect; Strengthening of relations with the Labor and Social Welfare departments and other government agencies to ensure the rights of children; Creating a “Rules of Ethics” for talents, production staff and crew and all other production personnel’ Creating a “Standards Compliance Group,” composed of the Standards Advisory Board and Compliance Unit; Working with the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas and the Philippine Association of National Advertisers and other stakeholders to establish meaningful guidelines on the appearance of children on talent, game and reality shows on TV; and Establishing “Guidelines on the Treatment of Children as Viewers, Subjects, Talents or Participants” in coordination with the Philippine Children’s Television Foundation.

Willing Willie suspended

May 4, 2011

THE Movie and Television Review and Classification Board yesterday imposed a 30-day suspension against the “Willing Willie” show hosted by controversial comedian Willie Revillame for violation of the child abuse law.

MTRCB head Mary Grace Llamanzares said the board credited the period when the show took a voluntary suspension.

The show will resume airing on May 9 as the suspension order takes effect until May 8.

No sanction, however, was imposed against Revillame.

MTRCB adjudication and hearing committee chairman Noel R. del Prado said the board has no power to sanction talents.

The board also placed the show on probation, or on a per episode permit basis.

The suspension stem-med from complaints filed against Revillame and se-veral others, after an episode last March showed Revillame allegedly forcing a six-year-old boy to perform like a “macho dancer” in exchange of P10,000.

The board said the MTRCB only resolved the administrative aspect of the case.

The criminal aspect will be determined by the prosecutor and the courts where charges of child abuse were filed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

The committee also considered TV5’s self regulatory measure regarding the participation of minors in their shows. The firm appointed an internal Ombudsman to ensure that talents are screened properly.

TV5 also ordered a moratorium on child contestants and strengthened its ties with the Departments of Labor and Employment, and Social Welfare and Development to ensure that children’s rights are protected.

Willie Revillame’s lawyer slams CHR, Carandang!

April 13, 2011

WILLIE Revillame’s lawyer Atty. Leonard de Vera yesterday slammed the Commission on Human Rights hearing on the March 12 Willing Willie episode as being biased and one big sham. “The CHR bias is very evident in the testimony of self-proclaimed child psychology expert, Dr. Honey Carandang, who has declared Revillame guilty of child abuse without having examined the alleged victim or his family. This amounts to malpractice,” said the counsel.

De Vera said Carandang is part of a grand scheme to destroy Revillame and Willing Willie. The lawyer bared that the supposed child psychology expert had written MTRCB Chairperson Grace Poe Llamanzares urging sponsors to pull out from Willing Willie, which she urged to be suspended along with its host.

Revillame’s lawyer said Carandang’s letter triggered the “biased” probe of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Commission on Human Rights and the MTRCB on the base.

“DSWD Sec. Dinky Soliman conclude that there was child abuse without even meeting Jan-jan and the family. The conflict of interest of the three-member panel with close connections with ABS-CBN constrained them to inhibit from this case,” De Vera added.

De Vera said that the three who have inhibited themselves from probing the case are Leah Navarro, cousin of ABS-CBN owner Gabby Lopez; Atty. Eric Mallonga, chief legal counsel of Bantay Bata 163, an ABS-CBN organization; and Atty. Eugenio Villarel, counsel for various ABS-CBN talents. He is married to an executive of ABS-CBN.

Revillame’s counsel added that many people question why the DSWD and the CHR are using Carandang as a resource person notwithstanding her premature finding of child abuse in the case and her affinity to ABS-CBN.

“There are hundreds of capable psychologists in this country to handle this issue, why her? Dr. Carandang went as far as comparing Jan-jan to a prostitute — who was paid to perform.

“The CHR has right from the start condemned Revillame for child abuse, and the ongoing hearing would most likely confirm or validate this stand. Thus, the hearing is a sham as it deprives Revillame of due process of law and the presumption of innocence in a case which is issentially criminal in nature,” said De Vera.

De Vera added that Carandang was hardly an impartial psychologist when she appeared before the CHR. “She relied apparently on the Youtube video that was maliciously spliced to put Revillame in a very bad light,” he stated.

Revillame’s counsel reiterated that there was nothing lewd or obscene about Jan-jan’s “body wave” dance. “Malice is in the eye of the beholder. Jan-jan performed the same dance at the Mall of Asia for the ‘Little Mr. SM contest’ and nobody found it lewd or obscene,” De Vera stressed.

MTRCB probes ‘Willing Willie’ incident

April 4, 2011

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) is conducting a preliminary investigation on an incident involving a 6-year-old-boy’s “macho-dancing routine” on television show “Willing Willie.”

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, MTRCB chairperson Grace Poe-Llamanzares said a committee has been formed and it commenced its first hearing, which is open to the public, on Monday afternoon.

“Lahat po ng mga concerned citizens, groups na gustong makinig o kung anuman iyon, ay dito lamang sa general area ng opisinang ito,” she said.

She said the committee has also invited representatives from TV5 network to participate in the proceedings.

The media, however, would not be allowed to cover the proceedings as it may “hamper the spontaneity of the people inside especially when they’re playing for the camera.”

“We have to respect, I guess, their right to privacy at some point,” Poe-Llamanzares added.

The MTRCB chair said the hearing might last for 2 weeks as all personalities involved in the incident must be given time to be heard.

“Usually, adjudication lasts for about an hour or less but in this particular case, we have to present the opinions of several experts in the field of child care or child rearing. It might drag longer than an hour,” she said.

“It can last for that long (2 weeks). That’s why, if ever we come up with a statement, or kung may statement man mamaya, maaring preliminary lang muna,” she added.

Poe-Llamanzares assured that MTRCB would keep the public posted through its official website.

“Maglalabas kami ng bulletin palagi, maglalabas tayo ng kung anuman ang nangyayari sa proceedings,” she said.

Host Willie Revillame and his show on TV5 have drawn heavy criticisms after they showed 6-year-old Jan-Jan gyrating and impersonating the body movements of a macho dancer in exchange for P10,000.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development and several other organizations, including the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and UNICEF Philippines, have said it was child abuse and exploitation.

Amid the criticisms, Revillame’s camp and TV5 issued a public apology but they denied the allegations of child abuse and exploitation.

A party-list representative has already called for a congressional inquiry into the incident.

Boy abused in ‘Willing Willie,’ DSWD says

April 1, 2011

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has stepped into the controversy involving television show “Willing Willie” and a 6-year-old boy who was made to dance in a lewd manner in exchange for P10,000.

The DSWD said the incident that aired March 12 on TV5 is clear case of child abuse.

“The sequence shows the boy gyrating in a distasteful manner with the audience, including the host (Willie Revillame), manifesting no evidence of concern or alarm for the child,” the agency said in a press statement.

“This incident is clearly a violation of Republic Act 7610 or the Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act and a blatant manifestation of child abuse,” it said.

The DSWD said child abuse includes the following acts: “psychological and physical abuse, neglect, cruelty, sexual abuse and emotional maltreatment,” and “any act by deeds or words which debases, degrades or demeans the intrinsic worth and dignity of the child as a human being.”

“Putting pressure on children to do acts such as mimicking adult sexy dances, in exchange for a certain amount of money, and at the expense of being laughed at and ridiculed by hundreds of people, clearly traumatizes the child,” it added.

“This is a clear form of child abuse and will not be tolerated by the Department of Social Welfare and Development,” the statement said.


Revillame, the producers of his show and the management of TV5 immediately issued a public apology.

In an official statement, they “sincerely and deeply” apologized for the segment, “which viewers may have found offensive or in bad taste.” They stressed that it was “never their intention to humiliate or abuse Jan-Jan or any contestant on the show.”

They also pointed out that the child’s appearance on the show was completely voluntary and with the blessings of his parents.

“He appeared to be sad or even in tears, not because he was being forced to dance, but because he felt the dance was ‘serious’ and he was playing a role. He did not want to smile because of his missing upper front teeth and because of the presence on the set of former basketball player Bonel Balingit who Jan-jan thought was a scary ‘giant,’” the statement read.

According to them, Jan-Jan has performed in the past in school programs and mall contests.

“TV5 and Wil Productions express profound regret for any insensitivity on their part, and wish to thank all those who have expressed concern. We are always grateful to be reminded of our obligations to the viewing public. In turn, we hope to make clear that the objective of the show has always been to bring joy and hope to Filipinos, whether they are participating on the show or viewing at home,” the statement read.


Before the apology, the DSWD said it had gotten in touch with ABC Development Communication chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan and asked that children should not be allowed to appear in TV shows like Willing Willie “especially those capitalizing on poverty as a source of immediate entertainment.”

In its letter to Mr. Pangilinan, the DSWD also rebuked Revillame’s “insensitive actions and remarks.”

The government agency also revealed that it will look for the boy’s family, determine the incident’s effect on the child and determine if necessary counseling should be given to the child and his parents.

The incident has set social media networks like Facebook and Twitter on fire. Blog entries condemning the show and its host have also been published online.

Twitter users condemned the incident while a campaign was launched on Facebook to raise the issue to the authorities:

MTRCB investigation

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), in a statement Monday, said it has referred the issue to its Hearing and Adjudication Committee.

MTRCB chairperson Mary Grace Poe Llamanzares said the board also received numerous complaints about the said “Willing Willie” episode wherein the boy was asked to gyrate like a macho dancer.

Llamanzares said it is the board’s duty “to enforce the Constitutional mandate that the state shall defend the rights of children from all forms of neglect, abuse, cruelty, exploitation, and other conditions prejudicial to their development.”

The board further emphasizes that whenever children are featured in television programs, producers are mandated to observe legal standards stipulated in R.A. 7160 to avoid “psychological abuse xxx cruelty, sexual abuse and emotional maltreatment” and “any act by deeds and words which debases, degrades or demeans the intrinsic worth and dignity of the child.”

Valerie Concepcion unaware if Willie Revillame still wants her as co-host

January 11, 2011

Huli na ba para kay Valerie Concepcion para maging co-host ulit ni Willie Revillame?

Nawala na kasi sa ere ang noontime show ni Valerie sa Dos at ngayon, binigyan siya ng break sa TV5, pero hindi bilang host ng variety show, kundi sa isang drama serye sa Face to Face.

Matatandaang nu’ng umalis si Willie sa Dos at nagsisimula pa lang buuhin ang show nito sa TV5, inakalang marami na isa si Valerie sa co-hosts niyang sasama sa kanyang paglipat. Pero hindi ito nangyari, for some reason. Nga-yong namamayagpag na ang Willing Willie sa ere, nabanggit ni Valerie sa interview sa kanya ng Paparrazi na hindi niya alam kung gusto pa raw siyang kunin para makasama sa WW. Ayaw naman daw magpaka-ipok-rita si Val at sabihing hindi siya nangangailangan, dahil may anak siya at wala si-yang reagular na TV show ngayon.

Tanong tuloy ng ilang ma-lapit kay Willie, bakit nga-yon lang?

Sa totoo lang, masusubukan mo ang katapatan ng isang tao kung at your lowest, nasa tabi mo ito, and at your weakest, hindi ka nito iniwan.

Hindi namin masisisi ang mga taong malapit kay Wil-lie o maging ang TV host mismo, kung ganito man ang reaksyon nila kay Valerie.

Aminado rin ang dalaga, nagdi-date silang muli nga-yon ng basketball player na si Dondon Hontiveros, pero wala aniyang anumang seryosong namamagitan sa kanila. Sa ngayon, ang priority daw ni Val ay ang kanyang anak at ang trabaho niya. Teka, paano nga ba siya uli makakahanap ng bonggang noontime show?

Well, sana, magsilbing lek-syon sa marami ang nangyari kay Valerie.

Hangad namin na mabig-yan din siya ulit ng hosting job para makatulong sa kanya. In fairness, mahusay mag-host si Val, mabilis ku-milos at malinaw pang magsalita on air.

Wish namin, bigyan siya ulit ng Dos ng trabaho para magamit naman ang kanyang talento. ‘Yun na!

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